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Genesis 4:1-4:16 – Perspective, Coherence, Gaps, Foretelling and Double Causality

Perspective,  Coherence, Gaps, Foretelling and Double Causality

  • Foretelling – (4:1) Havva’s proclamation of aquiring a man from the LORD foreshadows what will happen to that Man.
  • Perspective – (4:4b-5a) God’s perspective is given on the offerings.
  • Gaps – (4:4b-5a) Narrator does not explain why one offering was respected over the other.
  • Perspective – (4:5b) Cayin’s perspective on God’s action
  • Perspective – (4:6-7) God’s perspective on Cayin’s reaction
  • Gaps – (4:7) God’s explanation assumes that Cayin knew what was right and wrong and intentionally did not do it.
  • Coherence – (4:7b) Unclear phrasing.  Sin’s desire is for Cayin but should he rule over it or will he rule by it.  Is it a warning or a foretelling of how Cayin will react?  Both fit given that Cayin’s next action is to trap and kill his brother.
  • Coherence – (4:8) Narrator does not reveal what is said between Cayin and Havel. Whether or not Cayin was trapping Havel from the beginning or if there was large time gap.
  • Perspective – (4:8) Cayin’s perspective in trapping and murdering his brother
  • Perspective – (4:9-10) God’s perspective on the blood crying out.
  • Coherence – (4:10) First occurrence of the blood or any inanimate part of creation communicating.
  • Coherence – (4:11) First occurrence of man being cursed.  Adam and Eve sufferred as a result of a curse on creation.
  • Coherence – (4:11) Since Cayin was not cursed after “not doing what was good” (4:7a), the implication is that the murder is the actual sin.  If Cayin had heeded the warning (4:7b), no punishment would have occurred.
  • Gaps – (4:14b) Narrator does not explain why anyone would want to kill Cayin.

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