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What is Themeology?

Themeology finds value in the thoughts and themes that ran through the minds of the Biblical writers. If the Bible was given to further our understanding and relationship with God and the Bible is a collection of the various authors’ perspectives on how God related with people throughout history, then we must seek to uncover those perspectives.


Who is Themeology for?

If you view the Bible as a history book, then Themeology is not for you. If you view the Bible as a devotional guide, then Themeology is not for you. But if you view the Bible as God’s artistic self-expression of Himself, revealed through his chosen, inspired writers, then Themeology is definitely for you.


Why is Themeology filled with art?

Like any attempt to understand art, it must be felt and experienced before any attempt at explanation is made. The art of our contributors is their personal perspective on the theme that the Bible conveys. Taken as a whole, the varied perspectives give a more complete experience of the theme.

Understood another way, imagine a toddler being taught the definition of a ball. One approach could be to show him a picture, let him hold it, and then tell him that this is a ball. Another approach would be to put him in a room full of various kinds of balls – bowling balls, tennis balls, golf balls, cricket balls, bouncy balls, basketballs, etc… Then ask the child to define a ball from his experience. Themeology believes in the second approach.


Why can’t there be an image of God in the art?

The idea of God has already been embedded in the mind of almost every person on the planet. There is no mistaking their own presuppositions, their own idea of God. The best way to experience something is to not enter in with a preconceived notion of what to expect. By removing God, the art is free to convey the theme from every possible angle.


Why can anyone contribute, and not only artists?

The point of Themeology is to experience a variety of perspectives. Perspective is not based on artistic-talent, on age, on gender, on religion, on ethnicity, or on any other trait. Each person has had their experience with the theme, and Themeology hopes to present that experience.

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